Africa Incubator Ltd is a Japanese software company that aims to create the future of Africa with technology and strategic management. We are headquartered in Japan and present in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. We provide a sales automation system called SENRI and a e-commerce platform called Maido.

Maido is an online B2B marketplace which is currently focusing in the construction industry, we aim to further venture in other industries such as office supplies, medical equipments e.t.c.. More to that, we want to become the best B2B platform not only in Kenya but Africa at large and we are working constantly to make this vision a reality.As a platform, we want to connect our vendors to a wider clientele as well as offer our customers the convenience of doing multiple and large transactions securely and with ease. We want to assure that we offer genuine and high quality products from trusted vendors, convenience and  timely deliveries of commodities purchased from the site.