HORIZON 3 Temperature Instant Shower Electric Water Heater

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  • Saves electricity and water.
  • Easy to use.
  • 3 Different temperature settings.
  • Economy in price.
  • Modern design.
  • Large spreader for a comfortable and relaxing shower.
  • Uniform flow of water.
  • Replacement elements available.
  • Compatible with solar heaters, thus increasing its use.

3 Temperature HORIZON Instant Shower Electric Water Heater is the ideal option for a relaxing and economic bath. It has 3 Temperature settings to choose from, that is:




Read carefully all instructions on the user manual before installing the product.
Easy and quick hydraulic connection.
Automatic turn ON/OFF with uniform hot water flow.
3 different Temperature Settings: 1.Normal – 0 Watts, 2.Warm – 1800 Watts, 3.Hot – 2600 Watts.
Low maintenance cost with fast replacement of heating element.
100% safe and shockproof with grounding system.
Suitable for normal fresh water.


* Simplified resistance exchange system, through

a coupled bracket.

* Uses a rubber gasket.

* Installation and operation manual, step-by-step, illustrated.


* Double heating chamber, ensuring greater safety

and energy efficiency.

* Energy efficiency (yield) greater than 95%.


* Grounding system has capture points at the water inlet

and outlet. Leakage current in water less than 5mA *.

* When water has a minimum resistivity of 1,300 Ωcm at 22ºC.

* Suitable for working safely in pressures up to

40 meters of water column (400kPa).

* Conductors with 50cm, allowing electrical connection

inside the passage box, eliminating apparent splicing.

* Mechanism designed with cushioning system,

presenting longer contacts life.

IMPORTANT: Before installing the product, carefully read the instruction manual.


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