TV Guard 5 Amps Television Protector Generic

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Protects your valuable electronics. Easy to use. No extra wiring needed. Simply plug into your existing socket and it’s ready to use. Compatible with a wide range of home appliances. Very low power consumption. Saves electronics and home appliances from electrical damage.

Provides voltage protection for: TV/ LCD/ Plasma Screens / OLED Screens – HiFi/ Media Centers. Protects against high voltage, brownouts and voltage dips. These conditions are harmful to electrical and electronic equipment. By disconnecting the power when it is bad, the Television Protector safeguards against short term and long term damage to ensure high efficiency from your appliances. 30 seconds start-up delay is built-in to ensure stability of the power supply. NB: RANDOM BRAND WILL BE SENT AS THEY ARE ALL IDENTICAL IN FUNCTION. Shop online on Merix Suppliers and have deliveries made to your doorstep.

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